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Paypal increases transaction limit to $10,000 USD for India users

30/07/13 30 July, 2013 0 notes

Some very cool news for paypal users from India who are using the service for selling stuff internationally. the RBI is now allowing you to receive up to $10,000 per transaction instead of the previous $3,000 limit imposed through paypal.

While there is a good chance that this was done as one of the several measures to halt the rupee decline, it’s still the right step forward for ecommerce.

Receiving limit increased to USD 10,000 per transaction

Most teens shop online, but prefer not to

10/06/13 10 June, 2013 0 notes

investment bank Piper Jaffray recently asked 4800 teens to share their spending patterns, brand preferences, media and entertainment habits and other information. Turns out, most teens, who update their facebook statuses every five minutes and tweet every thought they have, shop online, but prefer to shop in stores given a choice - 78% of girls and 75% of boys said they’d rather go to actual stores.

Shop online? Many teens do it, but more prefer the store | Pew Research Center
American teens have long been the country’s most-wired age group. But contrary to the stereotype of hyper-connected teens, they say some things are better done in person.